Clinica Weigand. Aumento de Mamas en Madrid

El Dr. Christian Weigand es especialista en Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva y referencia de calidad y excelencia. El aumento de senos y la cirugía del abdomen son alguna de sus especialidades más solicitada.

Christian Weigand es Doctor en Medicina y se ha formado en los más prestigiosos Hospitales Universitarios de Europa y América. Actualmente dirige su equipo de Cirugía Plástica y Estética en la prestigiosa Clínica Ruber de Madrid y Barcelona.

El principal objetivo del Dr. Weigand es lograr procedimientos quirúrgicos cada vez más rápidos, menos agresivos, menos dolorosos, con menos cicatrices y con una recuperación más rápida del paciente.

Las especialidades ofrecidas por el Dr. Weigand abarcan la totalidad de la medicina y cirugía estética, incluyendo rejuvenecimientos faciales, cirugía de la mama, cirugía genital, remodelación corporal, aumento de glúteos, cirugía del abdomen, lipoesculturas, rinoplastias, etc?

El Dr. Weigand es también pionero e introductor en España del Método del Mini Lifting no quirúrgico con microcánulas. Un nuevo concepto de rejuvenecimiento facial sin cirugía, anestesia, dolor y hematomas mediante micropunciones que induce a la producción natural de colágeno y elastina, sin tener los efectos secundarios del laser resurfacing (engrosamiento de la piel, destrucción de la epidermis). Se trata de un método empleado para tratar la flacidez flacial y recuperar los contornos de la cara de forma inmediata y duradera.

Además, el Dr. Weigand es titular de una Patente Internacional de implantes mamarios y, en cooperación con la industria, contribuye a mejorar y desarrollar la calidad de los mismos.

Para más información sobre el Dr. Weigand, sus novedosas y exitosas técnicas y sus inmejorables tarifas, rogamos se pongan en contacto directo con él a través del formulario de contacto que hay en su página web.

Dr. Christian Weigand Cortit
Clínica RUBER
Juan Bravo 49 Duplicado
28006 Madrid España.
Contacto directo:
Tel.: + 34 (672) 23 65 12
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Reverse Phone Detective: How To Find Out If Your Wife Or Husband Is Cheating On You

Is your wife or husband getting late at home lately, and you are suspicious about his/her behaviour?

Have you found a mysterious cell phone number on your wife/husband's cell phone?

Is someone you don't know calling on your husband/wife's cell phone and you want to find out who the mysterious caller is?

Thanks to the latest technology and the Internet development, it is possible now to find out the identity of whatever cell phone number. Satellite communications, computers and the Internet are being used lately in order to help some "worried" people to find out "misterious callers".

This technology is called "reverse phone lookup", and there are several companies in the United States offering these services. But not only suspicious wives or husbands can be uncovered with this brand new technology, this can be also very useful in other cases, i.e. if your daughter or wife is being threatened with unidentified calls on her mobile phone.

The small fees these companies charge for their services are way worth it, because they will provide you with the peace of mind after you find out and locate the identity of the mysterious caller so you can take the needed measures to stop the problem that was disturbing you or your family. Nobody has the right to cause trouble or pain to your family, and now there is a possibility to stop these type of threatening by using this technology to identify and stop the person that is causing trouble to you or your family.

J. R. Villa is an Internet Marketer and Researcher. He is specialized in technology products and devices such as Reverse Phone Lookup. If you are interested in Reverse Phone Lookup and want to read more about this latest technology, please click this link:
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Apple iPod classic 120 GB Black (6th Generation)


I am a big tech nerd, and although I am a little disappointed that apple will be paying less attention to the classic ipod I bought one, and I really enjoy It!
I previously had a 30GB Video Ipod and It lasted me about 3 years. Its being repaired for a new battery now, but I figured I would upgrade since my library had grown.
Not much has changed to these new ones, except the interface a little. I love genius and I am stoked that it was worked into the functionality. It remains about the same size as my 5th generation? video and so still fits my old rubber case (which is nice).
Probably the best thing about it is, doing a comparison between my roommates 30GB ipod video and this one, I find that the audio quality on this one has improved quite a bit. I don't know if its the connectors or maybe a d-a converter, but it definitely sounds better. I am a recording engineer so I might be a little more apt to hear it, but its cool.
Overall I am stoked about my new ipod. Its a great device! I will be sad to see apple move on to more of a multi-tool type device, but that doesn't sway my review on this one. Enjoy!


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HP 2133-KR922UT 8.9-Inch Mini-Note PC (C7-M 1.0 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB Flash Drive, Linux)

This computer has both pros and cons. The design is attractive with a comfortable key board for typing and the design gives the computer an excellent slant for typing. It is much more comforable than computers that sit flat. The portabilty is excellent. The screen is clear, easy to read (after fonts are changed to a bigger size for people who need a litle help seeing up close)The hard drive is a good size. No complaints there.

The mouse pad took some gettig use to. I found it hard to adjust it so it could be controlled without frustration. The right and left keys being split on both sides of the mouse is inconvient but liveable.

I found it to be a bit slow, which supprised me with the memory it has, and desided to remove Windows Vista Business(which I don't like anyway)I put XP Professional on the computer. It made all the difference in the world. It sped up the computer greatly. The processor may just not be equipped to run Windows Vista well. At any rate the trade off was alright as Vista in my opinion is nothing but problems anyway.

Videos run fine on it. The sound is good. I did not have the issue with videos that another person has complained about in his or her review.

The machine gets a bit warm so be aware that operating it in your lap means being mindful of not blocking the vents on the bottom. It also has a vent on the left side but I would not recommend ignoring those bottom vents with the way the computer becomes warm.

It has Office 2007 on the computer but it is only a trial version which runs out. I simply put my 2003 version on the computer and uninstalled the 2007 version. I don't find this to be a con as hardly any computers come with Office to begin with.

For the manner in which I will be using it for my business travel I find it to be an overall nice computer. It is a travel computer only as I have a 17 inch HP for home use. I am happy with this computer after the change I made in operating systems and will look forward to using it on the road.

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